ECU Studio as an Employer

  • ECU Studio is engineering focused and led, our aim is always to have the technically most competent product in the market.
  • Along with Engineering Excellence, 2 other factors guide our daily deliverables and long-term strategies, those are Quality and Mutuality. Simply put, what is good for our customer is good for us, Quality by design is a major factor in delivering Mutuality.
  • We are passionate about what we do and getting it right, everyone can make a mistake, we never hide and always deliver regardless of the cost to the company. No mater what the issue the correct answer is always the one that delivers Quality.
  • We blend motorcycles, code, hardware and sound engineering to create class leading products.
  • Our main offices are based in Valencia (Spain) just a 10-minute walk from the city centre and 20 minutes from the beach, ideal to relax after a good week.
  • We offer flexible working hours, whether that is to avoid the traffic, say good morning to your children or just because you work better from 5am, we try to accommodate all working patterns.
  • We have no dress code for the offices and a further benefit is that coffee, tea, milk and cookies are at free, even the directors make tea.
  • Our products are used worldwide, in almost every country and our products and services are often a critical factor in those companies’ offerings and success.
  • We are a single status business, we don't distinguish between directors, managers, engineers every voice has a say and we all have the same single vision and focus.
  • We are a well organised and busy business, often we are first to market with new products. We take on customer and business led developments, even when many think that it’s not possible. If someone tells us it can’t be done, we will work hard to prove them wrong.

ECU Studio -

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